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Protection Deck.

Zen Industrial Pty Ltd offers a engineered 10kPa protection deck that’s waterproof with a drain to keep your lift shaft dry. Our Protection Deck includes a 4T SWL lifting point or two 2T SWL lifting points for your hoist attachment point/s. There is no requirement for rear wall penetration with this deck. Current sizes are 2-3m deep shaft but bigger is available upon request. We also have a engineered 2.5kPa working deck that can suit any shaft size. Typically we would use rear wall penetrations but we can access the shaft via rope access and install a seating angle on the back wall and install the deck without any rear wall penetrations. Lifting Beams Zen Industrial Pty Ltd can offer you a wide range of lifting beams to suit your requirements. All lifting beams are engineered so suit the shaft/motoroom and the load required. We also offer slab mount lifting points if the slab can support the required load. We supply Engineer Certified Lifting Beams as required, anywhere in the lift shaft.

Temporary Access Decks

Zen Industrial Pty Ltd.’s Temporary Access Decks are designed by the Lift Technicians who use them and are made to Australian Standards. Australian made and engineered Temporary Access Decks provide efficient, safe and easy access to the lift shaft during the installation process. The Temporary Access Deck is used to temporarily access the roof of an elevator shaft during the installation (or repair) of elevators. Adjustable steel frame construction. Assembled on-site by experienced technicians in 3 hours. It is built from the landing in about 1 hour once I get it to the location.

Zen Industrial Pty Ltd.’s Temporary Access Deck specifications are as follows:

Deck size 800W x full shaft depth. Standard height 1200H to 1900H @ 100mm increments. Shaft depth range 1700D to2600D. Handrail height 1100 with a mid rail at 550. Kickboard 200mm. Details: Australian made all steel construction with 250kg live load capacity. The Decks are designed for 2 technicians and tools. Proof loaded to 200% load capacity. Decking extends all the way to the rear wall. Self-weight about 100kg. Construction/Manufacture of Temporary Access Decks: The decking is plywood over steel and there is a 125mm kickboard around the sides and back. The decking consists of 5 x 400mm, 1x 300mm and 1x200mm pieces. This allows you to run the winch rope for the elevator through the deck ant almost any position as the deck pieces can be packed in in any order until they hit the back wall. Storage of Temporary Access Decks: The unit will be packed in a strong plywood crate that is about 1900W x 700H x 600D @120kg that can house the unit during its whole lifetime and to keep all the parts together.